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Monday, 16 August 2010

Why does nothing ever go the way it should?

Afternoon folks,

It has taken me twenty minutes to get into my own blogspot - What an idiot!!!
Couldn't remember my password and then couldn't remember the password for my e.mail address so that I could recover the password for the blogsport - or what.

Just passing the time, waiting for my husband to bring me up the car seat for my daughter.  Being a typical male he drove away this morning with both of them in his car, never giving the rest of us a second thought. 

My mother is patiently waiting on us arriving to take her shopping.  For 'patiently' please read 'impatiently' as we were supposed to be there an hour ago.  I am usually the one with my face like fizz waiting on her!

Schools go back in this area on Wednesday and my wee daughter goes into P1.  Don't know quite how I am feeling about that.  It is just 5 minues ago she was born, it can't possibly be 5 years, can it?  She is turning into a 'girl' before my eyes.  Abandoning this post for a bit as hubby has just turned up.  Be back soon.

OMG! Did I say girl?  My daughter has just turned into a total BRAT in the supermarket.  It wasn't over toys or sweets it was about TOILET ROLLS.  Coz I didn't want the same one as she wanted she threw it out the trolley!   Dragged her out kicking and screaming.  It's so unlike her I am wondering if all the talk of school is unsettling her.  No cartoons for her for a bit!

I am still trying to work out how to add pics and all the little bits and pieces to this blogspot.  So if you see anything odd or things disappear it's just me playing.

Just one of the Christening Cards I have completed recently.  The template has been downloaded from

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